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Stationery - Clipboards and Personalised Clipboards

Stationery - Clipboards and Personalised Clipboards  - When you think about clipboards, go only to the master clipboard makers from Rupert Collins. Clipboard is the answer if you want to get things organised the fastest way you can. We have a variety of highly durable clipboard with cover and level arch binder that will definitely make you look like you are the boss. It is perfect for meetings, site or ocular visit and more. Our foil printed binder service is perfect if you want to create a metallic finish. Foil stamping creates an excellent shiny or matte cover.

Foil stamping may be done in combination with debossing, this ensures the longevity of the foiled stamp on your binder. It creates an illusion unique only to foil stamped binders; increase the possibility of making binders last longer than its given lifespan.

We have a fantastic range of supplies for your office needs. Rupert Collins offers all school and office supplies all under one roof. If you need to have customised clipboards, get in touch with one of our friendly customer service staff, and they will be happy to assist you.